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January 29, 2013 by dreamersofvirginia

Action Alert: Support  VA In-State Tuition Bills (HB 1525 H B 1934) and (SB 1090) for qualifying undocumented students  Call 1800-889-0229

Email:  Tom Rust, Chair Higher Education sub-committee,, and tell him you support In-State Tuition bills On Tuesday ,January 29, 2013 the Higher Education and Arts subcommittee of the House Education Committee will hear these House bills st 5:00 p.m.

Email: Senator Stephen Martin, Chair Education and Health, email district and tell him you support SB 1090 (introduced by Senator McEachin and Ebbin). On Thursday,January 31,2013 the Education and Health committee will hear SB 1090

Or send letters to VA House of Delegates and Senate in Support of In-State Tuition Bills (HB 1525 HB 1934)) and (SB 1090)

Several bills have been introduced in the VA house of Delegates and Senate that would grant in-state-tuition to undocumented students who meet certain criteria. HB 1525 byDel. Rust (R-Herndon); HB 1934  introduced by Del. Lopez (D-Arlington) and SB 1090

YOUR DELEGATE and SENATOR NEED TO HEAR YOU. To find out your Delegates’ contact information go to:

The in-state tuition bill for qualifying undocumented students (Dreamers) would allow in-state tuition who have entered before they were 16, graduated from a VA High School or passed the GED, registered as entering student in a public institution of higher education, resided in the U.S. for at least 5 years, filed Virginia Income taxes and is actively pursuing permanent residency.

Approximately 38,000 students in Virginia could benefit from this adjustment. Willing and talented students should not be denied equal access to higher education due to their immigrant status.  The economic impact to Virginia would be 5.2 billion in economic activity and support the creation of 20,280. (Center for American Progress

To read the bills go to


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